Indiegogo Campaign is postponed


I have to postpone the launch of the Indiegogo campaign as StormRider, probably a few months. I decided I cannot collect your money for publishing materials which delivery date is uncertain. I would take obligations for things I have no control over and it would be irresponsible at least. That is why new campaign launch date will be announced only when the release date of The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles Full Rulebook is made official by Project ExB. Sorry for creating false expectation.

Indiegogo Pre-Launch Campaign page is alive!

StormRider will publish its first printed materials for the 9th Age soon. We will do it through the crowdfunding campaign which is going to start on October the 26th. For now you can visit Campaign Pre-Launch page.

Indiegogo Campaign

Stormrider Army Showcase Competition.

StormRider is preparing publishing of The 9th Age Rulebook. Printed book will contain pictures of printed armies. We are running competition on our Facebook page to select best armies to be presented. Each army is presented is a single post. Armies which posts will get most reactions will be printed in our rulebook. Please help us to select best armies to print! Below list of entries.

What is StormRider Games.

I have created StormRider Games to provide The 9th Age community with services and products which Project itself cannot deliver. I strongly support idea of free fantasy battles wargaming system unrelated to any miniature manufacturer and will focus my efforts on seeing the system successful.

Current Projects

My current goal is to prepare and publish The 9th Age Basic Rule Book as full-color, hardcover publication, registered as book with ISBN number assigned. I hope to extend the orginal work with miniature galleries of miniature manufacturers supporting The 9th Age and some additional materials.


The purpose is not just to deliver high quality books to the Community. Much more important goal is to promote the System and have it recognized as product by independent Retailers. To win support of more miniature companies. To set our hobby free.

Things I have already done

The 9th Age community members may know me under JimMorr nick. Before launching StormRider Games I have delivered mobile app T9A Magic Flux used by hundreds players across the globe. App id free of charge and StormRider Games will continue to support it.